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SECURITY POSITIONS, trials and proud

In the world of all trades and technology department’s birth, profession also has the good and the bad, protection profession is no exception.

Alternately guarding the area. Seniority from clear crooks, the gentle!

Rolls into the topsy-turvy

Who practices such as money usually implicated relatives!

Plant around near and far

Workers shall be treated strictly Nguyet glaring!

Protective occupation great look very imposing, stately uniforms, looking like genuine police. Yet everyday they are workers verbally is normal. Tardy workers reminding them they swore! Seeing suspected to ask them to stop checking, but unfortunate check what is not seen as being cursed !, but that does not check for loss is not happening is to pay compensation to customers! So, the way customers without discipline workers (because where workers are in short supply), while protected, were required to maintain order regulations, which arise from love songs, sisters go do not be late at the gate: cursing toilet !, gathered enlist “gossip” was reminded: cursing tamper !, “pick up” the company’s map was discovered as well … cursed !, and all the insult still more! Up report to the leadership of the customers are always receiving the commendation “Well done!” and also to report what it did remind workers, not discipline workers because factory workers are missing, so the next day to continue protecting workers heard cursing!

Sun beams frost date night game complex

Tan said the new cases of distant paradise …

Silver is also the only profession!

Protective occupation parallel trite! *

However, it is sometimes fun to originality, especially when done the decent work for clients that particularly relate to women workers, by this profession, something also to hand. In addition to security and order operations, realization missed workers sick sisters had fainted … protection “helped” to emergency. Some pregnant women sick, packaging or protection take the car out to your place to get a grin, “thank you”. Even while concurrently protecting the vehicle while pumping car unfortunately I was deflated before. Warehoused goods at peak production, lack of porters … had protection. Water pumps, irrigation plants protection sometimes do too! But if unfortunately the time of the explosion, theft or brawl in the factory, the first blame as well … is protected.

Well, every profession a career. It is important to protect workers still have pride because is like an extended arm of the National Security Forces. A daily occupations that preserve security, customer assets to contribute to maintaining security and public order for society can not not proud. Our joy is that each shift is secure trust and satisfaction of current customers ..

SECURITY POSITIONS, trials and proud

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