SSC Vietnam integrates system, human and equipment into high efficiency security solutions

SSC Vietnam is the first security corporation in Vietnam, founded in the early 90s, has over 100 local offices and about 3,000 security officers


An SSC officer must be honest and therefore reliable to work without supervision at customer’s place or with valuable assets. SSC never compromises on dishonesty. Honesty also includes publicly expressing one’s opinions and not hiding information.


Professionalism requires observation, listening and evaluation. An SSC officer is always careful and highly pays attention to the little things that other people tend to overlook. Our wariness is necessary to be aware of potential risks or accidents that may happen to our customers.


An SSC officer is always ready to help when people are in need, even when it does not directly relate to his job. Being a part of the nonstop efforts towards a safer life, an SSC officer will always help in case accidents occur and requires the immediate intervention.

1. Our Approach

SSC is proud to be the true specialists in the security industry, which is necessary to provide you with meaningful security solutions.

2. Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is creating and improving quality for you. The four elements of our business philosophy are…

3. Operational Analysis

Our objective is to become a long term partner providing strategic security solutions for customers…

4. Security management plan

A professional solution is very important to develop a meaningful and effective security plan. To solve…

5. Our Responsibility

Security service provides physical social and financial benefits – not only for customers but also for…