SSC Vietnam integrates system, human and equipment into high efficiency security solutions

We recruit security officers from all over the country with appropriate conditions and the viewpoints combining with a common goal. “In order to help protect their houses, workplaces and communities, SSC provides necessary safety which protects asset and security for customers”. We believe in power of the youth, you will help us to accomplish our mission.

At SSC, we believe that we can only achieve the great success with the effort of our team. We also believe in suitable recruitment, continual training and coaching. We make every effort to assist our employees to highly advance their potential in security industry.


At SSC, we provide a range of professional training program for free, consisting of basic and advanced security operations, communication skill, dealing with emergency situations and security monitoring training programs.

Promotion prospects

This is a part of our commitment to your advanced career, we always bring job positions in company as well as other opportunities for giving priority to internal employees, lots of the senior positions are opening for you.

Supporting demobilized soldier

At SSC, nearly 60% of security officers are demobilized soldiers. SSC Vietnam is proud to bring jobs for demobilized soldier force frequently. We are positively looking for candidates with military experience.

Security Skill and Experience

We comprehend that the military skills and experience appropriate with many jobs in security service industry because demobilized soldiers have been trained in working environment with high discipline. Based on your military experience as:
– Getting accustomed to deal with emergency situations and make decisions promptly in changable circumstances
– Adapting to lots of various working environments
– Complying with discipline with a high appreciation for companies that emphasize safety, professional process and excellent service
– Being equipped with most important skills as problem solving and leadership
If you are a demobilized soldier and be able to apply these skills mentioned above, learn how to join our team by sending your online application or contact us.

Online Application

At SSC, we offer our employees training opportunities, development and improvement as well as stability and confidence when working for a company with a national reputation. Working together, we combine our expertise in security and our passion in service to truly make a difference.

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