SSC Vietnam integrates system, human and equipment into high efficiency security solutions

Commercial Building Reception

Commercial Building Reception is a service assisting to uphold the safe and professional environment in your commercial office building. In addition to the location and amenities, the competive advantage of a building is …

Console Operations

Our console operations are monitored via camera systems, accessing control, fire and intrusion detection systems. Besides, we supervise the guests’ arrivals and departures along with coordinate with patrol officers so …

Emergency Medical Response

Almost every our security employees is trained in basic first aid and they are always ready to perform first aid as fast as possible for the victims when accidents or emergency situations occur

Fire Patrol and Equipment Checks

Fire safety service is extremely significant to most companies since it helps to prevent unexpected interruptions of business as well as incalculable damages. SSC contributes complete solutions of fire safety….

Security Guard Patrols

Property and business management is a 24/7 job with unexpected events happening every day. The presence of SSC security officers at the spots will prevent unexpected accidents or security concerns…

Transportation and Parking Coordination Services

You can easily catch sight of many security guards wearing uniforms to coordinate the traffic right from the entrance gate and along the driveway down to …