SSC Vietnam integrates system, human and equipment into high efficiency security solutions



Banks and crime are always two parallel categories. Historically, many serious bank robberies have occurred, causing significant losses of human lives and property.

Security is a top concerned matter among bank systems and we have always achieved our customers’ confidence. Because of the characteristics of the banking works, bank systems usually have branches and trading offices all over the country. Therefore, the partner chosen to provide security services is required to have a harmony in terms of system. For that reason, SSC will be the best choice.

At the banks, it is difficult to identify between real customers and intruders.

Our solution: The security officers working at the banks are well trained in professional skills, because we understand that banking is also a commercial business so it is highly necessary to help customers anytime and anywhere. To our customers, the security guards always need to have a friendly smile on their face and be willing to help. This is also the motto of our business. However, in case of crime incidents, security officers also need to get ready and learn the way to observe and continually monitor to find out potential risks and specifically pay attention to the cash transaction area.

Security officers are equipped with effective self-defense security tools in order to control robberies and attempts to fight back. However, as they are not allowed to use guns, all security officers that are in charge of escorting money or convoying clients carrying cash are fluent at martial arts.

Integrating camera control system and mobile patrol is the most effective solution to help us prevent risks for customers.

Result: A lot of crimes at banks are prevented