SSC Vietnam integrates system, human and equipment into high efficiency security solutions

Commercial Building Reception

Commercial Building Reception is a service assisting to uphold the safe and professional environment in your commercial office building. In addition to the location and amenities, the competive advantage of a building is generally determined by the quality of services provided, including security. The responsibility of security guards in the commercial business environment is indicated with the great diversity and SSC is capable of co-operating with investors and managers to reinforce the security operations in your building. Moreover, we guarantee that all of security guards of SSC are well-trained and highly equipped with the professional building reception operation skills and this is an important factor delivering lots of benefits such as preventing robbery, keeping the unauthorized people out of the building, helping the owners and community with self-defense. We insure that our security officers have the profound perception of their role and duty so as to interact appropriately and communicate effectively in any situation.

Enhancing the Security
SSC provides the professional visitor management system to secure your residence and keep you aware of those who enter or exit your building. The lobby security guards not only assist with the building policies execution and procedures control but they are also in charge of some tasks mentioned below:
– Responding to the emergency situations such as fires, bomb threats, medical emergencies and power outages.
– Using ID cards for verifying the employees, visitors and contractors
– Supporting and tracking package delivery.
– Using management software system in order to deliver administrative reports and transaction log.